Scott Hibbard Audio LLC

Commercial Audio Design/Installation
& Live Sound Engineering
Auditoria, Cafes, Fitness Centers, Houses of
Worship, Nightclubs, Offices, Outdoor Venues,
Performance Centers, Restaurants, Retail,
Schools, Spas, Sporting Venues & Taverns

What are the benefits of a professional/commercial audio system?
Professional/commercial audio systems are designed to:

    • Meet very specific and demanding performance criteria (e.g. provide concert sound reinforcement for a live performance or intelligible announcements over a crowd of thousands of roaring fans)
    • Operate under continuous duty cycles, some as much as 24 x 7 x 365
    • Withstand environmental and weather extremes including direct exposure to the elements
    • Operate consistently and be user friendly.  What good is a sound system if no one knows how to use it.
    • Create a specific and/or unique business environment 

Why do I need professional/commercial audio system for my business or organization?

A commercial audio system plays a very important role in creating an atmosphere consistent with your business goals or organization's mission.  This can range from tranquil background music creating a serene spa environment to spoken word reinforcement in a house of worhship. It can also be a very important safety device when emergency instruction is necessary, such as alerting the public to take shelter at a sporting event or community pool when severe weather is approaching.
How does Scott Hibbard Audio design their systems?
Our systems are not designed around specific brands or models of equipment.  Instead each sound system and the associated equipment is designed around the specific requirements including the purpose/goal of the system, budget, venue and customer needs.  To date, no two sound systems are identical.  


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